Last night Mizuki, very drunk, fell into the water while walking along the lakeside.

I want to practice basketball with him.


There was nobody under 30 around.

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Some apples fell down from the tree.


I'm fed up with your attitudes.

There has to be a reason.

Amir wore false eyelashes.


Do what Jane tells you to do.

"Do I annoy you?" "No, not at all."

The farmer caught the boy stealing the apples in his orchard.

She kissed me on the cheek and said goodnight.

Tal, please, not now.

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I love games.

You can't bury your head in the sand.

I've got get back to work.


He is allegedly the murderer.

Can a city exist without having a culture of its own?

I think he likes her.


It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye!

He didn't just eat 1 pear, but 3.

I can't come because I'm in London.

You don't even know me.

He is to come to my house tonight.


Philip has had a rough time.

I like to read books.

Please tell me what kind of cooking this is.

Brandi told Anderson he wasn't busy.

There's a mitigation in the translation.

This shop is just in front of the theatre.

Fill this out, please.

We were climbing up the steep mountain.

Jane grabbed a flashlight.

The room is warming up.

He looked into the farmer's smiling red face, "Yes, sir." He said.

He draped his coat over her shoulders.

Stanley took a big risk.


He fixed the blame on his friends.

You always shout when you are angry, don't you?

I saw her last weekend.


I'm in shock right now.

Ritchey made a bad decision.

Mr. Johnson isn't in his house now.

The trial was fair.

Don't waste your allowance on useless things.

We should back him up so as to make the project a success.

I won't tell you what to do.

My strength is all gone.

Do you think he is good for the position?


Dan was a very devout religious individual.

I have worked for one company where the payroll was snatched on a dark winter's night.

I am one of those who know this feeling only too well.

Will you please tell Roland he has nothing to worry about?

His house is for sale.

I followed all the rules.

He armed himself with a pistol.

Why didn't you just say that?

Briggs found it difficult to finish all the work in just one day.

What else happened yesterday?

You did an excellent job.

I like my steak rare.

Where do all those T-shirts come from?

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The activities of the volunteer group covered half a century.

Words of abuse poured from his lips.

I don't want to tell Surya I've been to Boston.

This isn't what I was looking for.

A book is a wonderful gift.

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Why does ice float?


Nobody's getting out of here alive.


I'll be your worst nightmare.

Now be a good boy or I'm going to send you to Oberon.

I have a package here for a Mr. Smith.

I believe this is a case in point.

We've got to be ready in thirty minutes.

I wish I hadn't kissed her.

Alex kissed Sangho gently.

I'll buy you one if you want.

I just wanted to tell you I still love you.


Annard is prepared to help us.

I'll replace Saqib.

There's no explanation for what happened to Magnus.

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We're as good as dead.


I've got him on the line.

Where did you find Vistlik?

I can't just leave her.

Don't sit too close to the TV.

Has he already done it?

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I can't even read Italian, let alone write it.


Let me fill up your glass, Mr Nakauchi.

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Would you like to look at the menu?

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I don't think this is the time or place for that.


She excels them all at swimming.

American southerners speak in a drawling voice.

We think we know where Dani has been.

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Just keep on walking.


He is well-liked.

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I still feel bad.

During the interval, Takashi and Harumi got a drink at the theater bar.

I do not drink coffee.

How much time do you spend studying French every day?

At home we only speak Spanish.

I don't have anywhere I need to be.

Very good! You did an excellent job.

He backed us up in the case.

I know for certain that he is a man of great importance.

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How many times a minute does the average person blink?

How much do you love him?

We haven't officially met.


The internet is one of mankind's greatest achievements. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to post a photo of my cat on my blog.

I lost sight of them.

I already feel different.

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I didn't tell anyone.

Your father would also be proud of you.

The scientific method accounts for measurable uncertainties.


Mara is trying hard to quit smoking.


I'm very excited.

Thanks for the offer, though.

Which one of them is mine?

This is sensitive.

I have seen wolves in the Appennines.

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That sounds like our tugboat horn.

Did you eat breakfast today?

You are not a child any more.

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I like Saturdays.

The stairs creaked.

As long as it doesn't interrupt the game!

Who went with you?

Angela and Jeffrey are at each other's' throats.

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There are many more vowels in French than in Japanese.

I think all fat people should go on a diet.

Look at that mountain which is covered with snow.


It's just not safe to cross this bridge right now.

That was the last thing I wanted to do.

The teacher asked me a difficult question.


You are required to not smoke.

They regarded him as a good scholar.

Yes, in the narrowest sense of the word.

Can it be true?

A concept is an idea that can be represented by words.


Whenever my Mom has a personal problem her favorite thing to do is write to the advice column in her favorite magazine.

Have you all gone mad?

You make us feel old.

Hsuan went back to his room and lay down.

Where will you have lunch today?


I must have my bicycle repaired.

The bird is singing. Can you hear it?

Some soft drinks have very high sugar content and can cause obesity and tooth decay if consumed to excess.

They blocked his proposal.

I don't believe any of this.

Kevin grabbed her purse and left.

Hiroyuki pushed his dog into the closet and closed the door.


Steve passed away last week.

Shepard served on a destroyer during World War II.

He strongly persisted in arguing his opinion.


Why would I tell you where I hide my money?


She showered him with confetti.

Have you taken your medicine yet?

I have a feeling Socorrito is lying.

He sat on a small rock and looked out to sea.

Son claims to be an archaeologist.